In early 2020 we began to sense God move our hearts toward a new calling. In years past, God had used Matthew 13:11 to call Christian into ministry to teach and lead in the local church. We weren’t sure how that would pan out, but in July 2020, we decided to leave our hometown of Las Vegas to discern what God’s next step for us was. Believing he wanted us to ultimately do something in the West, we naturally went East and landed in Kansas City in January of 2021. 

While there, we joined an incredible church that allowed us to have space to explore what God was doing in our lives. We eagerly prayed about what he wanted us to do and where he wanted us to do it. To our surprise, Las Vegas continually came back as a city we both unquestionably had a heart, burden, and passion for.

After a year and a half in KC, God overwhelmingly confirmed through our church, prayer, the counsel of others, and Isaiah 43:19 that he was doing a “new thing” in the spiritual “desert” of Las Vegas and had placed us in the middle of it. On June 13, 2022, we said yes to planting a church in our hometown. 

With much support and affirmation from our second home church in KC, we will be relocating to Las Vegas in July of 2023 to prepare to plant King’s City Church.


We believe even today people are longing for a kingdom, a place of goodness, justice, peace, joy, security, and more. The one promised in Scripture fits the bill, but the problem is, people want the kingdom without the king.

The truth is the kingdom is only good because of the king. What we yearn for in our hearts is not a place, but a person. What people need is not heaven, but Jesus. The apostle Paul writes about this on a cosmic scale when he says,

“…all things were created through him and for him…that in everything he might be preeminent.” (Colossians 1:16b, 18b)

Paul makes one thing abundantly clear concerning every aspect of creation: it’s all about Jesus.

We also believe that we were not called to a church, but a city. We are convinced that Las Vegas is one that can have impact all over and throughout the world.

The name “King’s City Church” flows from this belief and conviction. This church and city, along with everything else, belongs to King Jesus.

For the King. In the City. To the Nations.


Leading people to pursue Jesus above all things in all places.

"Leading people to pursue Jesus..."

Our foremost mission is to lead people not so much to a destination, but a person, namely Jesus. Because of the fall and curse of sin, we believe every person enters this world primarily needing a way to be made right with God. Thankfully, Jesus holds the only answer: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

"...above all things..."

Everyone and everything were created for, by, and through Jesus. God has purposed that he be preeminent in all things. We believe it is in him alone that we find salvation, identity, purpose, and fulfillment. We want people to live with such a faith that proclaims Jesus is not only enough, but better. Therefore, we desire to do everything we can to lead others to know and pursue him above all else. 

"...in all places."

Our targeted audience aligns with the vision of Revelation 5:9. We believe Jesus’ kingdom will be made up of those he purchased from “every tribe and language and people and nation.” We aim to reach and engage those far and near to God, from every cultural background, and every demographic. There is no person or place outside our scope of ministry. We want to see people pursue Jesus above all things from Las Vegas to the ends of the earth.